Lauren Grenon

Nanny life explained through memes

Lauren Grenon
Nanny life explained through memes

1. The clumsy.

They trip over thin air.

2. The Tantrums. 

I once told a 2 year old that he couldn't ride a dog.

3. The poop. 

4. Experiencing this for the first time....

5. When someone assumes they're yours..

6. When the parents say they're "mostly" potty trained...

7. When sick kids try to give you slobber kisses.


8. When their parents explain a new parenting technique they read about..

9. What calm down means to them...

10. When they get hurt on your watch and you have to think of a funny way to tell their parents about it.. 

11. When someone calls you a...."babysitter"

12. AFter you've just got them fully dressed and turn your back for 2 seconds...

13. so can you work this weekend?

14. smelling dirty diapers everywhere you go.

15. When they say a bad word in front of their parents 

16. Trying to go to the bathroom alone.

17. "please keep the water in the tub"

18. Teaching them something of value  

19. As soon as the parent's key hits the door