Lauren Grenon

First Trimester Recap

Lauren Grenon
First Trimester Recap


Well I would love to say that time has flown by and I blinked and now am in the second trimester but that's far from the truth.  One of the down sides to finding out so early is that you have so long to wait! It seems like this whole trimester has been a waiting game, waiting to surprise chad, waiting to hear a healthy heartbeat, waiting to tell our families, waiting for symptoms and waiting to start showing (still waiting for this one...c'mon Baby G!).  Towards the end of this trimester things did start to pick up and I was finally able to lose track of the days a bit.  Before 10 weeks if anyone asked me how far along I was I was like "8 weeks and 2 days and 4 hours!"..."I mean, I don't 8ish weeks?" haha.  But after we went to the doctors and confirmed that I was indeed pregnant with a very healthy babe I felt like I was finally able to take a breath. I had this horrible fear of miscarriage this whole trimester, especially because my symptoms have been mild.  Which thank goodness, I am so grateful for that now that I know everything is progressing just fine.  I don't know if it's because I've heard so many stories of miscarriage lately or because my mom is an OBGYN and is always dealing with patient's miscarriages but I am happy to be in a safer zone of pregnancy!

First Trimester Must Haves...

Below I've entered some of my favorite things during the first trimester and the things that helped me get by when I was feel nauseous.

Saltines, Ginger ale and Jolly Ranchers were all for warding off sickness! I've been lucky not to have struggled too much with bad nausea but when I did feel the queasy coming on I would pop a jolly rancher or munch on a few saltines....or like the whole sleeve...c'mon.  Or sip some ginger ale.  They sell preggie pops designed for morning sickness but they're over priced and essentially just a hard candy so I asked my wonderful husband to pick me up some jolly ranchers and they worked like a charm! 

Trail Mix was mostly for keeping in the car when I got a little hungry on the go because I found that an empty stomach was more easily upset by nausea and the car especially made me feel sick during the first few months!

Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, whoa, say that 5 times fast.  This stuff is a little bit on the pricey side, not too bad though, about 12-15 dollars on amazon.  I know that stretch marks are mostly due to genetics and weight gain but the little bit of stretching causes some itchiness that this stuff worked like a charm for. Also, who doesn't love some moisturized boobs. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting is just kind of a must read while pregnant. They give great tips on everything from weight gain to cravings and everything in between! Plus it's fun to keep up with your little's progress as the weeks go by and this gives a break down on what is going on internally week by week!


Doctor's visits 

We have been to two doctor's visits so far, one was a dating scan where they put our Due Date at approximately August 31st, and one was a 12 week check up to hear the heartbeat and make sure mom and baby were still doing fine! 


Weird Dreams- I have been having such weird and elaborate dreams this whole pregnancy! It was actually one of the first symptoms I got and the only reason I took a pregnancy test..

Exhaustion- The exhaustion is for real people. I have never felt so unmotivated and tired in my life.  This started around week 5 for me and is just now starting to get better! I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning and then I find myself super tired again by afternoon. Luckily I've began to round the corner on this symptom and I have a great feeling the second trimester will bring me loads more energy than the first!

Nausea- I have been incredibly lucky and have't struggled with nausea too much. I did have about 3 weeks where I was queasy off and on and one close call in a Mexican restaurants.  All I wanted were some tacos and Chad, being the amazing husband he is, drove me clear across town to get them and the second I walked into the restaurant I got SO NAUSEOUS. I had to watch Chad eat and meanwhile the only thing I could stomach was a plain tortilla *sigh*.

Acne-This is a huge bummer for me. Some people have skin that instantly gets clear when they get pregnant and needless to say I was hoping this would be my experience. But unfortunately my skin has been a mess since getting pregnant. I've heard that the second trimester can bring better skin than the first trimester and I'm hoping that is the case for me, because having bad skin takes a big toll on my self confidence. 


OOoooo the cravings. For me, it's been all salty all the time as far as the cravings go. Pickles, flaming hot cheetos, top ramen. Basically all of the extremely unhealthy food. I have been trying to keep them at bay and making sure I get all of the healthy food.  Have I eaten a whole family sized bag of flaming hot cheetos to myself during this pregnancy? No comment. When was the last time, pre pregnancy, that I had cheetos? Couldn't even tell you.  Long time ago.   


I caved and bought the SneakPeek DNA test at 9 weeks and we got our results back! Which we are very excited about! However, the test is not 100% reliable so we are waiting until our anatomy scan to announce! It would be rather awkward to have to announce and then print a retraction.  Blue or pink? Stick around to find out!

Home Birth?

I'm not going to go into a bunch of detail right now because I will eventually do a whole blog post on home birth.  Let me start this off by saying that Chad and I live in a military town, because he is in the Army. We live in Fayetteville, NC. Due to this move I am now being seen at the Army hospital on base and let me just say, I'm not a fan.  Growing up, I've been fortunate enough to have great medical insurance and I've always been seen at Kaiser, where I may or may not have been given extra TLC because my mom worked down the hall. Now I'm experiencing the other side of health care and while I know I am more fortunate than most to even have health insurance, I would be lying to say that this hospital didn't make me miss home.  With all of this being said, and for more reasons I will go into a later time, Chad and I have decided to take this opportunity to go outside of the hospital and begin seeing a midwife and start planning our........wait for it.....HOME BIRTH. Fingers crossed that baby and I stay healthy all the way through this pregnancy so that I can have the natural home birth that I am hoping for! If there is any cause for concern at any point we will of course go to a hospital, but I am really wanting to do this naturally and in the comfort of our own home.  This is something I have been wanting to do for some time now and while I thought that it would be a few years down the road, I am just as happy to do it now! 

My 13 week bump

I am still hardly showing but I've noticed small changes already! Seeing my body change brings up a lot of emotions. Being someone who has worked fairly hard to maintain my body and health, it is hard in some ways to see my stomach soften and my muscles start to decrease. I am trying very hard to remind myself it's all because I'm growing our baby and the rest of it will change back over time. Reminding myself that my health, not the aesthetics of my body, is what is most important right now! I am still in the gym anywhere from 3-5 days a week right now and I am putting in the work to make sure my pregnancy is healthy and that my recovery is as easy as possible!  


8 weeks


13 Weeks