Lauren Grenon

All the Finding Out Feels

Lauren Grenon
All the Finding Out Feels


Whoa. Craziness.  I can't believe I am actually sitting here writing this blog post right now.  I am currently twelve weeks pregnant and my feelings of complete shock have mostly faded.  Chad and I have been talking about kids since well before we got married, or even engaged for that matter.  We both knew that we were looking forward to day when we would (God willing) have our own children.  We didn't, however, think that this day would come quite so soon for us.  We haven't even been married a full year yet and while we are in a better position for children than a lot of people out there, we still aren't as prepared as we would have liked to have been. We wanted more savings, we wanted to do some more traveling, we wanted to enjoy a little more time together with just the two of us (well three if you count the dog). But with all that being said, I have to say I couldn't wipe the smile off my face since the second I saw that faint second line on my drug store pregnancy test.  The idea of brining life into the world with my best friend was a dream come true.  Many people out there struggle so much with fertility and recurring miscarriages that I didn't take it for granted for even a second.  Since it was such an unexpected surprise I was able to completely surprise Chad with the news, and even better, I waited until Christmas morning!

How I found out 

I found out extremely early, more than 5 days before my missed period.  The only reason I took the test was because I had a dream about steak, which wouldn't be that weird buuuut I'm a vegetarian.  SO neendless to say the dreams about steak were an extremely unusual thing for me. For some people, pregnancy would be the last thing they would assume but for some reason it's always the first thing I think of when I start having out of the ordinary symptoms (oh I have a headache?...must be pregnant.  Coffee tasted off this morning...probably pregnant). That being said, I almost always have a cheap pregnancy test tucked away somewhere.  I waited until Chad left the house in the morning and decided to take a test on a whim thinking that it was definitely going to be negative. I took the test, left it on the counter, I went to make coffee and came back to brush my teeth and BOOM. A faint positive was sitting on the counter. It was like something straight out of a tv show.  I just sat there on the bathroom floor and stared at it for at least 20 minutes, thinking maybe the line would just disappear. Of course, it didn't.  


How I told chad 

Like I mentioned before, this pregnancy was a complete surprise to both of us so I was able to keep the news to myself for a few days, which was excruciating but so worth it! I held on to the news and put together this little box with some baby overalls and a positive clearable digital pregnancy test (wasn't sure he would know what he was looking at with one of the line tests) and then surprised him after we had opened all of our presents on Christmas. He was shocked and instantly excited! Nothing really phases Chad, he can take a change of plans and just be positive about it without worrying about how we're going to make it work. He just has this great faith that things will work out, which is a great counterbalance to my massive over thinking! 

After all is said and done, we are so very very ecstatic about this little babe and cannot wait to meet him/her at the end of August!

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His finding out face!